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Dirty Sanchez is a Chilean football player who plays for Inter Mulan and Chilly.





He scored the winning penalty vs Handballgentina in the Cuppa America Chilly 2015 final. His dream is to return to his former club, Brokelona. In the Arsene Wenger Q&A Parody, it is shown he and Wenger have "team talks" and is described by him as "a person who is willing to experiment".


He has a good relationship with Ozil with whom he is working in order not to extend his contract with Arsenal, thus having a bad relationship with Arsey Whinger. He managed to join Man utd, although in footbalers vs zombies he wanted to return to Arsenal


  • Alexis Sanchez is called Dirty Sanchez because exist a horribly sexual  habit   based on one person pooping on another person the reason why in  442oons his moustache looks like poop and im not search in google im discovered that because im seach 442oons on wikipedia in spanish because my national idiom are spanish because im for ecuador o in my favorite channel 442oons ecuadoh