"I want to leave RIGHT NOW!"

Payeater is a Les Blose and OMG player. He formerly played at West Hammers.

Character Edit

He likes kissing the foot of goalscorers of his team, like Greasman and Carrallwaysinjured. He likes pies.

Career Edit

At the beginning Premier League 2015/16, he was just mentioned by name. He made his debut in a video of that season in 2016. He later appeared during Euro 2016.

His main appearence was in Transylromania X Les Blose when he scored a wonder goal. He appeared in other videos of the Euro as well, since his country made it's way to the final.

He got an awesome season in 2015/16 but after Irons bad start in the PL 2016/17, he said he wanted to leave, so he left to Marseille.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Dimitri Payeater first speaking role was in Leave Right Now Parody.
  • He is one of the characters to have a video of his drawing process.
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