"Where are you? Come on!"

Delia Wordsmith is an English cook and television presenter. She is a fan of Notrich City and she also serves as their mascot and symbol with a canary body. She also was the club vehicle during Premier League Wacky Races season 2015/16 (currently Footballers 1).

Her name is a pun of her name with the Wordsmith tool, due to her famous drunk speech about Notrich's perfomance in 2005. This was lampshaded in a Football Flashback.

Interactions Edit

The Director Edit

Delia Director

An angry and injured director cutting Delia's speech.

In the Football Flashback that she appeared in, Delia was trying to say her lines while drunk, what resulted in she speaking lots of nonsenses and injuring the director while he tried to make she say the right lines.

Alex Neil Edit

Delia Alex

Delia finding Alex Neil.

Alex was first seen hiding from her while she was looking for him and saying her catchphrases "Where are you?" and "Come on". When she found him she said that she would make the motivating team-talks, much to his worry.

They were partners in Wacky Racers because she was the main vehicle and he was the main driver of Notrich City, what resulted in then appearing in most Wacky Races together.

Gylfi Sigurðsson Edit

Delia Gylfi crush

Delia in love with Gylfi.

Delia temporarily had a crush on Gylfi during one Wacky Race. However, he didn't reciprocrate and exploded her vehicle by throwing a bomb.

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