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"Ha, ha! Oh, you are such a comedian!"

Dante is a character who plays for Nice and Badzil. He is often taunted by Thomasshole Muller.


Dante is usually calm, but still gets mad if someone mocks him, especially Muller with his jokes about Badzil losing to Germazing. It's shown that if he gets really angry, he can do harsh things, such as killing the people who disturbs him or turn into a big and strong werewolf.

After he left Brazil, he became more sarcastic and troublesome, mocking his fiends when they failed, specially Muller.

Apparently he has a good relationship with his teammates, as long they aren't making fun of him.


2014-2015 season

When he played for Bayern Munchausen, Thomasshole Muller taunted him because of the victory of Germany 7-1 Brawzil, on the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

He barely appeared playing for Bayern after that, only appearing in a small cameo of the whole team in the Champions League 2014/15 and in the game against Borussia Dortmund.

2015-2016 season

After he left to Wolvesburger, Muller still mocked him when Wolvesburger lost to Bayern Munchausen to 5-1. After Muller made he very angry, he turned himself into a werewolf and chased him.

He took his revenge when Muller missed his penalty and when Muller missed a goal against Northern Island.

He and his other teammates appeared in the Champions League 2015/16. They were real fine, making Wolvesburger reach the quarter final of the Champions Leage. Dante was praised for not leting Real Madrith score in the first lef og the quarter final, but Muller still managed to make jokes about him. Although, he failed to defend Arrogantaldo's goals in the second leg, eliminating Wolvesburger from the competition.

2016-20 1-7 season

He now appears in some videos along Muller, either to be mocked by him or to mock him.



Thomasshole Muller

Dante with nine Muller taunting him.

Muller likes to troll Dante because of Badzil's defeat to Germazing in the World Cup. Muller spent his April Fool's Days trolling Dante about it, making references to numbers 7 and 1 in Dante's daily life. This clearly caused Dante to become very angry with him.

After Dante left Bayern, Muller still managed to troll him when Wolvesburger (Dante's currently team) lost to Bayern. After all of those things, Dante revenged Muller, trolling him when he failed sometimes.

Despite that harsh relation, Muller doesn't hate Dante, he just do it for fun, as he likes to make jokes about everything. He tries to state it to Dante, but Muller still keeps taunting him. In some ocasions, they are often shown as friends, as if Dante had already got used to Muller jokes.

Lord Bendtner and Andre Shirley

Dante, Lord Bendtner, Andre Shirley and the werewolf confronting Kaa Gents.

Lord Bendtner, Andre Shirley and Dante appeared together in the Last 16 Song of the Champions League 2015/16. Bendtner confirms what Dante says about K.a.a. gents. This is the only time they are seen together.

Philip Lamb

Dante about to kick Philip Lamb.

After Muller fails a penalty against Beanz Mainz Heinz, Dante kicks Lamb to make a joke about how Muller kick went high.



  • Even though Muller taunts him because of the World Cup game, Dante didn't appear on the World Cup videos of 442oons. This means that he was created only for the jokes of Muller.
  • He appeared in the Champions League 2014/15 in the squad of Bayern Munchausen, in a flashback.