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is a Brazilian player who plays for São Paulo. He previously played for Old Lady, Barcelionela, and PSlotsofG.There is a problem with parsing the infobox


He is based on Daniel Alves, commonly know as Dani Alves, and that's where his name comes from,


Not much is known about his personality, but, as a defender, he often makes fouls to not let the players from other teams pass with the ball.


His most prominent appearances were during the World Cup 2014 and Champions League 2014/15.

He also appeared in the game against Atletic Bilbao, where he made a foul. Since it was a parody of The Hobbit, he appeared as Daniel Gandalves.

in Season 2016/17 he appeared in 5/6 Champions league game scoring 1 gol in Semifinals and 2 assist for Gonzalo Hugeain, and lost the final againt Real Madrith



  • He first appeared in Brazil's tears, where he cried singing the national anthem. The character had blonde hair and stubble. He appeared throughout the World Cup, where he was buried by Germazing in Brawzil's funeral.
  • For some reason he appeared celebrating and taking off his t-shirt when Notaxmar scored his goal against Old Lady.
    • Ironically, he signed of Old Lady some seasons later.