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– Cristiano Euronaldo

"Hattrick hero!"

– Cristiano Euronaldo


– Cristiano Euronaldo

Cristiano Euronaldo is a Ronaldugal football player who plays for Ronchester United.



Cristiano Euronaldo is normally depicted wearing his No. 7 football jersey. He is depicted as very muscly, with a six pack on his chest.


As his original name implies, Cristiano Euronaldo is an arrogant and selfish man who likes to call himself the "GOAT" (greatest of all-time), preferring himself over the team and always asking everybody to pass the ball to him. His trademark goal celebration is shouting "Siuuuu!" whilst jumping. When someone fails, he usually says "Uh-huh".


Cristiano Euronaldo debuted in the FIFAIFOFUM World Cup 2014 Brazil opening, where he teased Messi and took off his shirt by yelling "Siuuuu!", causing the other players leave the beach. He played against Germazing, but did not find the ball, leading Portugal to be knocked out of group stage. Cristiano Euronaldo appeared in a match between Handballgentina and Irun to tease Messi, but was frozen by him.

In the UOAFA Not Many Are Really Champions League 2014/15, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the UEFA Champions League trophy and says it was their decima (tenth). He scored a great bicycle kick which many other footballers attempted to do but failed.


Lionel Messigician

"The world loves me! Messi? Who's he?"

– Cristiano Euronaldo mentioning his rivalry with Lionel Messigician

Bee Messi Cristiano Ronaldo.png

Cristiano Euronaldo is rivals with Lionel Messigician and they like to mock each other. In late 2018, the two started a series called The Frontmen consisting of themselves and the other footballers, where they attempt to do popular social media challenges and other stunts like goals. It was revealed that Cristiano Euronaldo was actually Lionel Messigician's best friend after he took a lie detector test. Since then, both have been nicer to each other such as teaming up with each other occasionally.

Chewy Suarez

"Ok tooth face, we're rolling"

– Cristiano Euronaldo describing what Suarez looks like

Suarez Ronaldo aéroport.png

Although Cristiano Euronaldo and Lionel Messigician have become friendlier with each other, Chewy Suarez still despises him. Before Suarez even arrived at Brokelona, he described Euronaldo as a "D*ck".

Wayne The Ogre and Tryiton Giggsy


Cristiano was seen along with Wayne and Tryiton Giggs on a football flashback, when he played on Ronchester United. On that video, he laughs on his teammates are trying to be like him, taking off theirs t-shirts and squealing.


  • He consideres itself the best player in the world.
  • The principal 442oons characters hate it.