Christian Bentanke is a former player of Astonishingly Bad Villa and Leavethepool. He actually plays for Crystal Pardew and Brillgium as a striker, though a 442oons joke did he appear for Brrrnley (in real life, he twitted he signed for Burnley, but he signed for Palace). He is based off Christian Benteke


He punched Klopp's glasses of at 5-4 win over Notrich City.

His famous bicycle kick against Manchesthair United was changed to a fax machine not a ball as De Saver conceded it.



Crystal Palace

He moved to Crystal Palace in 2016 and mentioned few times by Woy Bodgson


In April he scored against Liverpool, continuing Palace winstreak over Liverpool for the past 3 seasons[1]. This would be the last time Liverpool lose a Premier League game in Anfield for the next 3 seasons.


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