"I'm a genius!"
"I'm a genius! Again!"

"ssh-ttttttttttttt!" (his teeth sound)

Chewy Suarez is a fictional character from 442oons. He plays for Atletijoao Madrid and Urucry. In the past he has played for Nacional, Groningen, Eye-axe, Leavethepool and Barcelonely.

Character Edit

Chewy is best friends with Messigician, Notaxmar and Cuteinho. He is one of the best players in the world. His remarkable feature are his buck teeth that he uses to bite other players and are the main reason for his name. He was really good at Liverpool, known on 442oons as "Leavethepool."

He bit 3 players during his career: Backalley (in 2011, Eye-axe V.S. PeeSV ), Ivanitch (in 2013, Leavethepool V.S. Chelski ), and Chiellini (FIFARCE 2014 World Cup, Brazil, Urucry V.S.

Greataly.) For that reason, he has the habit of biting some other stuff as well, specially other people.

Name origin Edit

His name is from the fact that he bites other players.

Catchphrases Edit

  • "Jesus Christ!"
  • "I'm a genius!"
  • "Well that was dreadful!"
  • "Shag a donkey!"

Career Edit

He appeared on the first 442oons video and was the main character. He later appeared on other Liverpool videos, along his teammates Stevie Wellard and Philippe Cuteinho.

In the 2014 World Cup he was the main player of Uruguay. Although, he got a warned for biting Giorgio Chiellini

Then he was transferred to Bancelona, where he made the World's Greatest Threesome along with Lionel Messigician and Notaxmar, winning the treble in his first year.

Trivia Edit

  • He was one of the first 442oons characters to appear in a video.
  • He was the first main character of a 442oons' video.
  • He, Messigician and Notaxmar made the World Best Threesome, The MSN, a close second being the MCN.
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