Chelsea Kids is a club from England. It is based on EPL club Chelsea

is a reference to how many young players Lampard Plays. Edit

Chelski is a reference to Roman Imveryrich, the owner of the club who is a Russian.

Chelski/Chelsea Bus Company is a reference to Moaninho "park the bus" strategy.

Chelsea Guus Company is a reference to the manager Guus Hiddink, who coached the club after Moaninho was sacked in 2015.

Conte Won the Premier League But he was Sacked the season afterwards Because they lost to Bournemout*h 0-3 at home.

Lampard Came Back and started playing the kids due to a transfer ban.

Badge Edit

Its badge features the head of the current manager: Frankly Loanfarce

Squad Edit

NUM. Position Player Name Nationality
1 GK

KepaThe Keeper

Max Spayne
2 DF Antonio Bluediger Germazing
3 DF Marcos Alonso Max Spayne
4 DF Andrea Christensen DenMarek
5 MF Prince Jorginho Greataly
6 DF Thiowngoal Silva Badzil
7 MF Igolo Kanye Les Blose
8 MF Ross Barkley Engbland
9 FW Tammy Abraham Engbland
10 FW A White American Shooter USA
11 FW Timo Wenrer Germazing
12 MF Loftus-Bumcheek Engbland
13 GK Willy Cabaldero Handballgentina
14 DF Fikayo Tomori Engbland
15 DF Kurt Zouma Les Blose
16 MF Man Of The Kennedy Badzil
17 MF Mateo Coughanditch Crow-atia
18 FW Olivier GQ Les Blose
19 MF Mason The Statue Mount Engbland
20 MF Callum Hudson-Odoi Engbland
21 DF Ben Chilwell Engbland
22 MF Hakim Ziyech Morocco
23 MF Billy Gilmour Skirtland
24 DF Reece James Engbland
28 DF Dave Azpilicueta Max Spayne
29 MF Kai Havertz Germazing
33 DF Emerson Lakeandplalmieri Greataly

Former players Edit

NUM. Position Player name Nationality Current Club
1 GK Petr the Czech Petr the Czech Republic Retired
1 GK Ass-smear Begovitch Bosniaoffside Jason Bournemouth
2 DF Bernieslaven Ivanitch Serbestia Avengers St. Petersburg
3 DF Felipe Luis Badzil Flamengo
3 DF Ashley Cole Engbland Retired
4 MF Secs Fabregash Max Spayne AS Moneyco
6 DF Nathan Ake Ho-Land Jason Bournemouth
7 MF Ramires Badzil Jiangsu Suning
8 MF Frank Lard Engbland Current Chelsea Kids Manager
8 MF Gold Oscar Badzil Shanghai SIPG
9 FW Fernando Torrid Max Spayne Retired
9 FW Failcow Collapsebia Moneyco
10 MF Hwan Mata Max Spayne Moneychester United
10 MF Eden Hazardous Brillgium Bale Madrid
10 FW Will.I.An Badzil Arsenal Fan TV FC
11 MF P-E-D-R-O Max Spayne ASS Roamer
12 MF John Obi Wan Kenobi Nigeriatrica Tianjin TEDA
13 GK Tibo Caughtout Brillgium RealMadrith
14 FW Andre Shirley Germazing Dorussia Dortmund
14 MF Tiemou Bakayoyo Les Blose AS Moneyco
15 MF Kev De Ginger Brillgium Manchester Sheikhy
16 FW Robin Ho-Land Bayern Munchausen
17 MF No Salad Egypt Leavethepool
18 FW Romelu Bluekaku Brillgium Inter Mulan
19 FW Diego Costly-Coffee Badzil/Max Spayne AtleDiego Madrid
19 FW Demba Ba Senegoal Shanghai Shenhua
21 MF Nemanja Matić Serbestia Moneychester United
23 FW Daniel Sturrinjured Engbland Trabzonspor
24 DF Gary Vkahill Blue Engbland Cwystal Palace
26 DF Schlong Terry Engbland Villa
29 DF Robert Huth Germazing Leicester The Foxes
29 MF Nathaniel Chalobah Engbland WTFord
29 FW Alvara Moratahahaha Max Spayne Atletijoao Madrid
32 FW Samuel Eto'OAP Camerold Antalyaspor
23 DF David Louise Badzil Arsenal Fan TV FC

Out on Loan Edit

Managers Edit

Name Nationality Period
Claudio Ranieri Greataly 2000-2004
Jose Moaninho Portugal 2004-2007


Avram Grant Israel 2007-2008
Guus Hiddink Ho-Land 2009


Carlo Eyebrowcelotti Greataly 2009-2011
Rafact Benitesh Max Spayne 2012-2013
Antonio Contaly Greataly 2016-2018
Maurizio Sarri Greataly 2018-2019
Frankly Loanfarce Engbland 2019-

Events in the 442oons World Edit

Premier League Edit

League Season Position Pts.
Premier League 2013/14 3 82
Premier League 2014/15 1 87
Premier League 2015/16 10 50
Premier League 2016/17 1 93
Premier League 2017/18 5 70
Premier League 2018/19 3 72

Care in the Community Shield Edit

Year Result
2015 Arsene FC - Chelsea FC (1-0)
2017 Arsene FC - Chelsea FC (1-1, 4-1 on penalties)
2018 Chelsea FC - Manchester Sheikhy (0-2)

League Cup Edit

Season Position Result
2014/15 Final Chelsea FC - Tottenham Hotform (2-0)
2015/16 The Fourth Round Stoke Wet and Windy - Chelsea FC (1-1,5-4 on penalties)
2016/17 The Fourth Round West Hammers - Chelsea FC (2-1)
2017/18 Semi Final Arsenal Fan TV FC - Chelsea FC (2-1)
2018/19 Final Chelsea FC - Manchester Sheikhy (0-0,3-4 on penalties)
2019/20 The Fourth Round Chelsea FC -Mouchester United (1-2)

We Know Sweet FA Cup Edit

Season Position Result
2014/15 The Fourth Round Chelsea FC - Badford City (2-4)
2015/16 The Sixth Round Cleverton - Chelsea FC (2-0)
2016/17 Final Arsene FC - Chelsea FC (2-1)
2017/18 Final Chelsea FC - Mouchester United (1-0)

UOAFA Not Many Are Really Champions League Edit

League season Group Group position Knockout phase Result
Champions League 2014/15 G 1st Round of 16 PSlotsofG

- Chelsea FC (3-3, away goals)

Champions League 2015/16 G 1st Round of 16 PSlotsofG - Chelsea FC (4-2)
Champions League 2017/18 C 2nd Round of 16 Chelsea FC - Bancelona (1-4)
UAEFA Not Many Are Really Champions League 2019/20 H 2nd TBD TBD


Trivia Edit

  • It's first name was Chelski but it was changed to Chelsea Bus Company (because Jose Moaninho is known for "Parking the Bus"), before Mourinho got sacked, then it was renamed to Chelsea Guus Company. The club currently does not have a parody name.
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