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This song was uploaded on the 14th of September 2015.


🏆CHAMPIONS LEAGUE SONG 2015 2016🏆(Theme Music, Titles Anthem Preview)



(Melody: Champions Leauge Anthem)

Thomasshole Muller: Hello I'm Zlatan! Ah, I'm such a comedian! Isn't that right, Dante? Dante?!

Jose the Special Mong: We are the bus team. On a tour of Europe.

Roman Imveryrich: On a bus tour, you change the driver when the first one looks 'tired'.

Jose the Special Mong: *gulp*

Louis Van Harsh: We can be champions!

Thomasshole Muller: Of the Europa League, 'cause you're going to get knocked out in the group stage! Hahahaha!

Zlatan Egohimovic: The Masters, of the Euorpverse!

Diego Simeone: We are the best teams!

Thomasshole Muller: Really? So who the hell are Astana?

Diego Simeone: SOME of the best teams!

Arsey Whinger: So desparate for under 16.

Old Lady (character): So nearly campioni...

Unwell Paleandgreeni: AVOID BARCA!!! Or we could just buy their players!

Garry Bale: Win again Rafa!

Jose the Special Mong: Who ate all the pie-ella?

Lionel Messigician, Notaxmar and Chewy Suarez: The GREATEST TRIO! Are champions!