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1.Eric Hassli (MLS) (Vancovred Whitetraps 1-0 NER) (2011)

Commentator : Who be score this penalty Eric Hassli?

Commentator : Scores! Keeper can't save it.

Eric Hassli : Show my kit.

Referee : You got second yellow card.

Eric Hassli : You can't book me.

Referee : Yes i can end dot, Red card you go to the locker room.

Eric Hassli : You can't sent off my.

Thoriingatton : Don't be have a got a you $0 or $-100 why you booked Eric Hassli score by goal from the penalty.

Referee : Beacuse his a stupid celebration.

Thoriingatton : F*ck you, get sh*t fun you sh*t c*** b*stards you f*cking.

Referee : Eeee. Yellow card from Thoriingatton.

Gershon Koffie : Hey it's buddly muddly riccly mickly earstly reatly pupply shiky and putky rocky wooky dooky skooky booky du....

Referee : Go to the locker room, your off.

Eric Hassli : I never get you i'm not got a second yellow and red.

Referee : Your off too, go to the locker room.

Commentator : It's a penalty.

Commentator : Scores!

Skeletor Cavani : Shot goal!

Skeletor Cavani : What is a never foul and i no got yellow card.

Referee : Yellow card.

Skeletor Cavani : Ok have a start a game!

Referee : OK, Second yellow card.

Skeletor Cavani : What is only 1 yellow card you think!

Referee : You sent off!

Skeletor Cavani and Yohan Kebab : What!

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