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Carlo Eyebrowcelotti is a Greataly manager who currently manages Real Hazardid.



He has gray hair and black eyes and is slightly obese


He used to be a quiet person and did not want to talk to journalists and in general but that has changed since the top 10 bundesliga trasfer 2017/18 deals the song and now as a Real coach he says more and more


He is first mentioned on the trainer list by Juan Mata in a song by Juan Mata. He first appeared in 🏆REAL MADRID vs ATLETICO MADRID 1-0🏆 where he enjoyed alongside Ronaldo then made minor appearances in super sunday and wolfsburg 2 0 real madrid react. He first spoke in the top 10 bundesliga 2017 18 where he introduced Sebastian Rudy and Niklas Sulle to Toliso, then Mulller would have fired him because he was not allowed to play and he was fired even Dean did conspiracy theories so he did not play in 442oons movies until he was fired. Everonugdie manager, he performed every queue in evry premier leauge manager reacts and in rap battle pickord and Adria then he moved to Real where he plays the biggest roles


Kylian MMMboppe

He tried to convince Mbappe to join Real Madrid and convinced him with how the Real Madrid players in which we sing. We want Mbappe, but Psg did not want him to leave, so psg made the band so that Mbappe would stay and as it turned out he left, although in this video it was supposed to come out that he joined Real


  • In Carlo Angelotti's old videos, he didn't say anything