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BelJan Vertonghen is a Belgian football player who plays for Ben10fica.



He has brown hair, small eyes, a small ginger beard, big ears, and thick brown eyebrows. He has always had this design.


He started fighting with Sony Eriksen and Hugoalkeeper Lloris in the DIY Army 2-7 FC Buyern video. He is good friends with former DIY Army teammate and current Brillgium teammate Toby Eldersquirrel.


BelJan Vertonghen first appeared in F1 Race 7, and mostly appeared with friend Toby Eldersquirrel, they are almost always next to each other, since they are friends and defenders. He appears laughing at the missed Arsenal Fan TV FC shots in Arsenal 1-1 Spurs. It appears that he is allergic to leather in Belgium 3-2 Japan turns out he is not allergic to leather. In 2018, he poked Bobby Firmino's eyes in Liverpool 2-1 Spurs 2018. Bobby Firmino poked his eyes in Liverpool 2-1 Spurs 2019.


Bobby Firmino

Firmino Vertonghen Poker.jpg

He used to poke Bobby Firmino's eyes in Liverpool vs Spurs videos, but then in the preview of the UOAFA Not Many Are Really Champions League 2021/22 quarter finals, he poked a Bobby Firmino cardboard stand-up/cardboard cutout in the eye.

Sony Eriksen

Eriksen Vertonghen Phone.jpg

In Spurs 2-7 FC Buyern 7, Eriksen was seen fighting with Vertonghen. Later, Eriksen called Vertonghen a "Cheater" and started hitting Vertonghen's head with Vertonghen's phone.


  • He is named BelJan since he is Belgian.
  • He and his best friend Toby Eldersquirrel play in red (Al-Duhail and Benfica have red kits).