Barcelionela or just Barca, is a club of Max Spayne that plays in La Liga.Club is formerly named Bancelona.

Badge Edit

It features the players in the attacking trio: Phil Coutinyho, Chewy Suarez and Lionel Messigician. Behind their heads, there's a picture of their respectives countries' flags. This is because Lionel Messi is the best player of all time, Suarez is the best striker and Coutinho is a good midfielder. They are the best club in the world, and have the best players.

Squad Edit

Number National Team Position Name Character CAP
1 Germazing GK Ter Sleepen Yes
2 Ronaldugal CB Nelson Semedo Yes
3 Max Spayne CB Gerard Piqkira Yes
4 Crow-atia M Ivan Raketits Yes
5 Max Spayne CM Sergio Buckets Yes VC
21 Ho-Land CM Frenkie de Jong Yes
7 Badzil CAM Phil Coutinyho Yes
8 Badzil CM Arthurtrak Yes
9 Urucry ST Chewy Suarez Yes
10 Handballgentina LM Lionel Messigician Yes CAP
11 Varance RW Ousmane Dempele Yes
12 Badzil LM R.A.F.I.nha Yes
13 Ho-Land GK Mr. Cillessen Yes
14 Badzil AT Malcompowder Yes
15 Max Spayne CB Clément Lenglet Yes
16 Max Spayne CM Christmas Samper No
17 Collapsebia CB Jeison Mubrillo Yes
18 Max Spayne CB Jessica Alba Yes
20 Max Spayne CB Sergi the Roberto Yes
22 Chilly CM RTAro Vidal Yes
23 Varance CM Samuel Mmmmmtitties Yes
24 Brillgium CB Thomas Verminator No
26 Max Spayne CM Erika Alenak No

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