Bale Madrid is one of the greatest clubs in football history.

Squad Edit

Number National Team Position Name Character CAP
1 Costa Coffeeker GK Tibo Caughtout  Yes
2 Max Spayne CB Tiny Carvajal Yes
4 Max Spayne CB Sergio Redos Yes CAP
5 Varance CB Rafael Caravane Yes
6 Max Spayne CB Nacho Yes
8 Germazing CM Tomi Cruise Yes
9 Varance ST Mercedes Benzema Yes
10 Crow-atia CM Lucroat Modric Yes
11 Bales LW Gary Bale Yes
12 Badzil CB Marcello Yes VC
13 Max Spayne GK Totiker Casillas Yes
14 Badzil CM Caseofmerlot No
15 Varance CM Theo Herniandez No
17 Max Spayne CM George-Lucas Vagquest Yes
18 Max Spayne CM Mariano Ricardo Diaz No
20 Max Spayne CAM Marcos 6thsensio Yes
21 Max Spayne CM Theresa Mayoral Yes
22 Max Spayne CAM D-I-S-C-O Yes
24 Max Spayne CM Daniel Candyfloss Yes
28 Badzil ST Viniceus Yes
25 Brillgium GK Tibo Caughtout Yes

Former Players Edit

1/25/27 Iker Casillas (out to Porto)

2/17/26/27 Alvaro Arebloa (out to West Ham and later now retired)

3 Roberto Carlos (out to Fenerbahce and then retired)

9/28 Emmanuel Lazybayor (out to Crystal Pardew)

10 Eyezil Terrestrial (out to Arsene )

10/23 Sneijderman (out to Goaltosaray Now In OMG Nice)

14 Little Pea Hernandez  (out to West Hammers )

5 Zinheadine Zidane (retired and became their Manager)

19 Nicolas Anelka (out to PSZ and then retired)

9/11 Ronaldo (out to ABC Milan then retired) 

22 Angel DDi Maria (out to Manchester United then now Paris Saint S(l)atan)

16 Samuel Eto'O(forgot P & Q)

Antonio Adán 

7/9 Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aviero  (out to Juvaldo)

11 Michael Owen (out to Newcastle then Manchester United later then Stoke and now retired)

17 Ruud Van Nistelrooy (out to Cheeseburger SV then Malaga and later then now retired)

Elvir Baalic (loaned to Fenerbahce and Rayo Vallecano and permenantly out to Galatasaray then Konyaspor Ankaragucu and Istanbulspor later then now retired)

23 David Beckham (out to LA Galaxy then loaned Milan 2 times later then PSG and now retired)

10 Luis Figo (out to Inter and now retired)

14 Guti (out to Besiktas and now retired)

10 Robinho (out to Sivasspor but orignally arrested)

23 Mateo Kevacic (out to Chelsea FC)

Former Managers Edit

Madrith's Titles Edit

33 Spanish La Liga

19 Spanish Copa del Rey

9 Spanish Supercup

7 (+5 stolen from Vicki Valencia(2000),Pea-Er Leverkusen(2002),Atlethemhavetheballico Madrid(2014,2016) and Old Lady(2017)) Champions League

2 Europa League

3 UEFA Super Cup

2 World Supercup

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