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WellHungary is a UAEFA Country based on Hungary. They appeared on the UOAFA EURO 2016 France and UEAFA EURO2020 (2021). They are mostly known for being Underdogs at UAEFA Tournaments,such Example as EURO 2020 where they almost Qualified in a Group with Ronaldugal,Varance and OMGermany,getting eliminated at the Last Group Stages matchday,and the Nations League 2022 where they are currently 1st with 7 Points,ahead of OMGermany (2nd),Greataly (3rd) and BorEngland (4th).


Péter Gulácsi

Ádám Szalai (C)

Willi Orban

András Schäfer * Appeared at 2-2! Germany-Hungary! France Portugal!

Former Players

Vilmos Vanczák

Gábor Király

Zoltán Bieber