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Astonishingly Bad Villa is a club of Engbland and it plays in Premier League

  • Name: Astonishingly Bad Villa
  • Other names: Gaston Villa, Rick Astleyon Villa, Asstim Villa, Jackston Villa
  • Country: Engbland
  • Coach: Dean Smith






  • Not David Trezeguet
  • Bertrand Traore
  • Anwar El Gaz
  • Ollie Watkins
  • Wesley
  • Keinan Davis

Former Players

4 Ridvlaar (went to AZ)

7 Leandro Bacuna (went to Reading)

7 Ghastly Tongue (went to Moneychester United)

8 James Run-of-the-Millner (went to Manchester Sheiky F.C., actually he plays for Leavethepool)

8 Tom Not So Cleverley (on loan from Moneychester United, Cleverton, he actually plays for WTFord)

16 Snakean Delph (went to Manchester Sheiky)

18 Christian Bentanke (went to Liverpool, actually he plays for Crystal Pardew)

26 Schlong Terry (Retired)

Former Managers