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Arsey Whinger is a former Varance manager who currently is the FIFA Chief of Global Football Development.




Whinger is very caring about his team members and he makes it possible to win, and he also can get angry really fast, especially when Jose Moaninho taunts him.


2013/2014 Season

Arsey Whinger's first appearance was during LUIS SUAREZ BITE 🎬Silence of the Lambs Remake🎬! by 442oons (football cartoon parody) where he tried to sign Chewy Suarez for 50 million pounds + Gervinho. After singing Bland Aid with others, he finally successfully signed Mesut Eyezil Terrestrial after Jose Moaninho wanted to sign him.


Chewy Suarez

Arsey Whinger had tried to sign Chewy Suarez but failed. Many years later, Arsey Whinger still says he nearly signed Chewy Suarez. Possibly feeling a sense of pride that Suarez nearly came to Arsenal Fan TV FC.

Jose Moaninho

Eva Wenger Mourinho.png

Jose Moaninho is Whinger's main rival in 442oons. Jose considers Whinger a "specialist in failure" and never loses a chance to tease him Their insults go to far to the point of one hitting another. The rivalry ended when Whinger left with Arsenal Fan TV FC but in some videos you can still see their rivalry.

AlexInter Sanchez

Sanchez laughing Wenger Ospina Conte.png

Alexis declined to sign a new contract and started to not obey Whinger. He even was in protests to make him or Whinger leave the club. Sanchez also chortled every time Arsenal FC lost.

Piers Moron

Piers Morgan Wenger cannon Ronald Koeman.png

Of all of Whinger's haters he hates Jose Moaninho the most.Moron was the first one to debut. He used every opportunity to protest against Whinger, even angrily chasing him around.After Whinger went Bad Blood, he shot Po as well.


Kane's rivalry with Whinger is mainly due to the North London Derby. They usually tease each other before the derby and after the match, when one of the teams win.


  • He was in 442oons first-ever video alongside Chewy Suarez (and was the first-ever manager to appear in a 442oons video).
    • He was also the first person to be shown on 442oons although his face was only shown after 30 seconds into the video