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Arsenal Fan TV FC is a club from Engbland. It plays in the FA Cup, Premier League, and the Europey League.


Arsenal Fan TV FC made it’s first appearance in Luis Suarez Bite, where Arsey Whinger tried to sign Chewy Suarez for £40m+£1 extra. They finished 4th in 2013-14 and 3rd in 2014-15. Both years they won the FA Cup, although 442oons only parodied them latter.






Former Players

NO. Pos. Player name Nationality Destination
1 GK Wojciech Szczesny Po-land Ronventus
1 GK Petr the Czech Petr the Czech Republic Retired
3 DF Ashley Cole Engbland Chelsea FC
3 DF Le Sagna Les Blose Manchester Sheiky F.C.
4 MF Paddy Vieira Les Blose Ronventus
4 MF Cesc Fabregas Spain Bancelona
7 MF Robert Pires Les Blose The Yellow Submarine
8 MF Samir Nasty Les Blose Manchester Sheiky F.C.
8 MF Welsh Rambo Walesh Ronventus
9 FW Nicolas Anelka Les Blose Bale Madrid
10 MF Jack Wheelchair Engbland Jason Bournemouth
11 FW Super Van Ho-Land Moneychester United
12 MF Stephan Lickedfrankesteiner Swatcherland FC Augsburg
13/20 MF Mathieu Flameni Les Blose Inter Mulan/Crystal Palose
13 GK Dimwit Ohspina Colombia SSC Nippli
14 FW Terry Henry Les Blose Bancelona
17 MF I-Likex SongAndDance Camerold Bancelona
22 DF Gael Cliche Les Blose Manchester Sheiky F.C.
22 FW Denis Suarez Max Spayne Barcelionela
23/31 DF Sol Campbell Engbland Portsmouth/Newcastle Disunited
23 FW Fresh Prince of Wel-Air Engbland WTFord
25 FW Emmanuel Lazybayor Togo Manchester Sheiky F.C.
28 DF Kolohno Toure Ivory Coats Manchester Sheiky F.C.
33/52 FW Lord Bendtner Denmark Wolvesburger
6 DF L'Oreal Koscielny Varance FC Girondins
18 DF Nacho Monreal Max Spayne Real Sociopath
17 FW Alec Iwobi Nigerdia Cleverton
28 FW Badluckas Perez Max Spayne Alavès
7 FW Henrikh Mkhitaryan Armenia Ass Roamer
? FW Satsuma asano Japan VFB Sttugart
4 FW Mohamed Eleny Egypt Besiktas J.K

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    The drivers they have used are Arsey Whinger, Petr the Czech, Olivier GQ, Fabricio Collicini, Theo Walcrotch, Gabrielle, Dirty Sanchez, Mesut Eyezill-Terrestriall and Santa Clauzorla.