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Angel Devil Maria or Angel D-D Maria is a Handballgentina player that currently plays for Paris Saint Germoney. He used to play for Manchesthair United until 2015. He played for Bale Madrid until 2014.


He is based on Angel Di Maria, an argentinian player. Due to his name, he has wings because he is an angel (although, when he played for Man. United, he had devil wings because of the club’s nickname).

His currently name is Angel d-d-D Maria due to his dificulty to say some words.


Like his name implies, he has angel wings and was like an angel in the Brazil 2014 World Cup, getting a pass from Messi and making a goal for Handballgentina, making them win. When he played on Man. United, he had devil wings, so that's the reason of his olds names (Angel Devil Maria and Devil Di Maria). But when he went to PSZ he had angel wings again andwas Stratos Di Maria. He has a stammer.