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Andres Inhexcellent
Andres Inhexcellent.png
Other names Andrés Iniesta
Date of Birth 11 May 1984
Place of Birth Castille-la-Mancha, Spain
Position Midfielder
Current club Vissel Kobe
Former club(s) Brokelona (1996-2018)
National team Max Spayne (2006-2018)
Based on Andrés Iniesta

Andres Inhexcellent is a Spannish football player who plays as a midfielder for Vissel Kobe.




According to 442oons, Inhexcellent is a very skilled player.


His name was mentioned on 🇪🇸REAL SOCIEDAD vs BARCELONA 1-0🇪🇸(4.1.15 Alba own goal David Moyes Football Cartoon by 442oons), where he appears on FC Barcelona's players list in the game when the club lost to Real Sociopath. At that time, his name was Inniexcellent.

Inhexcellent was seen for the first time in UCL CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL 2015 HIGHLIGHTS CARTOON!!! Goals Juventus 1-3 Barcelona, where his name appeared as Inithebesta and he was hit by Vidal. Inhexcellent also scored against Real Getrid in Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona 0-4 2015 - goals and highlights of El Clasico!. His most common appearance is the referee's failure to give a penalty.

In 2018, Inhexcellent left Barcelonely to join a Japanese club Vissel Kobe.


  • Notaxmar assists Inhexcellent in the El Clasico 2015. After the goal, both of them celebrate the team's victory.
  • RTaro Vidal angrily stomps Inhexcellent in UOAFA Final vs. Old Lady.