There is a problem with parsing the infoboxAndres Inhexcellent is the captain of Bancelona. He is also BarcSpaindrid 's player.

Origin Edit

He is based on Andrés Iniesta. His name is because he is a very skilled player.

Career Edit

His name is mentioned on Bancelona's players list in the game where Bancelona lost to Sociedad. At that time, his name was Inniexcellent.

He was seen for the first time (although we can only see his back) in the UOAFA Final vs Old Lady. In that video his name was Inithebesta, and he was hit by Vidal.

He also scored against Real Madrith, in the El Clasico 2015, where he scored a goal.

He appeared in the Champions League 2015/16 and his most important appearence was in the referee's fail to give a penalty. In that game, he argumented with the referee, trying to get the penalty.

Appearences Edit

Real Sociedad vs Barcelona (his name is mentioned)

Champions League 2014/15 final Juventus vs Barcelona

El Clasico 2015

Interactions Edit

Notaxmar Edit


Notaxmar and Inhexcellent celebrating.

Notaxmar assistis Inhexcellent in the El Clasico 2015. After the goal, both Inhexcellent and Notaxmar celebrate.

Vidal stomping in Inhexcellent in the Champions League 2014/15 final.

RTAro Vidal Edit

Vidal angrily stomps Inhexcellent in UOAFA Final vs. Old Lady.

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Trivia Edit

  • His old name Inithebesta clearly is a pun of Iniesta and the best, but it's interesting that the word besta is a portuguese word that could mean beast, brute or stupid.