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Alan Buttew is a former GoFundingGermankidsland football player who currently advises CSKA Sofia Owners. He doesn't appear anymore due to him moving to a russian club.



Buttew has white hair and grey eyes. He also has grey eyelashes with white teeth that he uses to curse.


He is known to have a short temper, especially when he headbutted Headbutte (Meyler) when he invaded his personal space. Even though he has short temper, he can be seen dancing when he is not angry


His biggest achivement was the Papa John's trophy in the 2009-2010 season where he managed Saintshampton to glory. He is also known for losing many We Know Sweet FA Cup finals in his footballing career.


 He has bad relationships with Yohan Kebab, Wales Hennessey,see? and Papa Smurf Souare for calling him Big Gay Al during the We Know Sweet FA Cup 2015/16 final rap. Meyer still probabaly hates him for the Headbutt.