AC Zlatan is a former top club 7 times Champions League winner from Greataly. It has gotten worse, but now Zlatan is here, so they may get better.


N. Position Nationality Name Charachter
1 GK Transylromania Ciprian Tătărușanu Yes
13 CB Greataly Alessio Romagnoli Yes C
17 LW Ronaldugal Rafael Leao Yes
18 F Crow-atia Ante No-Rebić Yes
19 CB Varance Theo Hernandez Yes
21 ST Zweden Zlatan Egohimovic Yes
23 CB Engbland Fikayo Tomori Yes
24 CB Denmark Simon O-Kjaer Yes
99 GK Greataly Gianluigi Smadonnarumma Yes VC

Former players:

N. Position Name Left to now
12 CB Andrea Conti Parma Parma
1 GK Ass-smear Begovich Jason Bournemouth Jason Bournemouth
11 ST Fabio Boringi Hellas Verona Free agent
19 ST Krzysztof Piątek Heartha Locker Hertha Locker
8 ST Suso Seevilla Seevilla
25 GK Pepe Reina Astonishingly Bad Villa Lazyo
19 CB Notmorejudasardo Bosnakci Old lady Old lady
10 C The Fresh Prince Boateng The Yellow Submarine AC Monza
45 A Not So Super Mario Balotelli Leavethepool AC Monza
9 A Fernando Torrid Atletico Madrith Retired
99 A Antonio Cassano Intercity Retired
80 A Ronaldinho Atletico WinsMG Retired
21 C Los Andreles Pearlo Ronventus Ronventus manager
10 C Carlo Eyebrowcelotti retired Cleverton manager
33 D Thiowngoal Silva Paris Saint Zlatan Chelsea
34 C rdeJongman LAG LAG
16/84 C Mathieu Flameni Arsene Free Agent
9 A Rivaldo Cruzeiro retied
C Fabiohno Capello retired retired
31 D Jaap Stam Eye-axe retired
1 GK Nelson de failure Dida Portuguesa retired
D Darmian (Son of the Red Devils) Padua Inter Mulan
A Klassman Schalke 04 Schalke 04
4 C Mark Van Bommely PeeSV Retired
A Robinhho Santos Free agent
9 A Ronaldo Corinthians Retired
A Andri Shewshankgoal Dynamo Kyev Retired
9 A Puree-Emerick Halva-meyang Digione Arsene

Former Coachs

Former Coach

ACDC Milan's titles

18 Serie A TIM

5 Italian cup

6 Italian Supercup

7 Champions League

5 UOAFA Supercup

1 World Supercup

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