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442oons of the Day like Footballers 1/Wacky Races shows highlights of the Premier League, but unlike the F1, it doesn't shows all the games in the PL, but it shows highlights not only for the Premier League seasons, other leagues like Serie A TIM, La Liga and Bundesliga can appear. Since Dean won't have time to do the WR and 442oons of the Day every round, he did a question about do 442oons of the day or WRs this season, even though Wacky Races winned, he did 442oons of the day in the first three rounds, and 442oons of the day appeared in 4 of the 5 rounds (missing the 4th) of the Premier League 2016/17.


Premier League La Liga MLS Bundesliga
Chelsea 2-2 Swansea Athletic 0-1 Barca LAG 5-1 New York City Hoffeinham 1-2 Bayern
Man Utd 1-0 Spurs Gijon 0-0 Real Mainz 0-3 Bayern
Norwich 0-1 Aston Villa Barca 2-1 Palmas
Leicester 4-2 Sunderland
Stoke 0-1 Liverpool
Arsenal 0-2 West Ham
Newcastle 2-2 Southampton
WBA 2-3 Chelsea
Everton 0-2 Man City
Liverpool 3-2 Aston Villa
Spurs 4-1 Man City
Foxes 2-5 Arsenal
Man $$$$ 5-1 Bournemouth
Brom 1-0 Sunderland