442oons Wiki

This page is a guide to the rules of 442oons Wiki. Breaking the rules three times in one week will result in the user being blocked for a few days.


  • Talk politely to other users!
  • Swear words are not allowed on articles, but if they are going to be used outside those, use asterisk after the first letter of the word or stylization. When a user swears on another user, they will be blocked.
  • Unofficial edits about 442oons are discouraged.


  • If possible, when creating a new page, please follow the standards of the Layout Guide.
  • Plagiarism from other website, such as Wikipedia, is not tolerated, unless some contents are used for referencing. 442oons universe is not the same as real world, thus information on articles is condensed and/or revamped rather than being written in full detail.
  • If the character or club has never appeared in 442oons, put {{Delete}}.


  • All images must be related to 442oons. Unrelated ones can only be added to user pages for decoration purpose only.
  • A separate gallery page is required for characters with excessive images.
  • File names must match the picture's illustration. If you upload a picture of Zidane and Ronaldo, its name should be "Zidane_and_Ronaldo.png" instead of "Screenshot_8-2.png" or "Deannnn.png". It makes images easier to find.