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What's 442oons?

442oons is a English YouTube channel that makes videos parodies about football, adding comedy to make it funny. The creator Dean Stobbart makes characters and events based on real life stories, with the help of Sam, Mike and Jay, whom make the animations. As of the 27th of march 2020, 442oons has approximately 3.0 million subs. 442oons also has a second channel called Celebri2oons. Some video will be deleted because of copyright. The channel is not for kids

Most popular players:

Lionel Messigician (Messi)

Chewy Suarez (Suarez)

Notaxmar (Neymar)

Cristiano Arrogantaldo (Ronaldo)

Thomasshole Muller (Muller)

Sergio Redos (Ramos)

No Salad (Salah)

Virgil van TracSaint (Van Dijk)

Mesut Eyezil Terrestrial (Ozil)

Hurri-Kane (Harry Kane)

Garry Bale (Gareth Bale)

Zlatan Egohimovic (Zlatan Ibrahimovic)

Poor Pogba (Pogba)

Antoine 4G-Riezmann (Griezmann)

Eden Hazardous (Eden Hazard)

Philippe Cuteinho (Philippe Coutinho)

Wayne The Ogre (Wayne Rooney)

Robert Lewangoalski (Lewandowski)

Diego Costly-Coffee (Costa)

Dante (Dante)

Kev De Bluene (Kevin De Bruyne)

Nicolas Peperami (Nicolas Pépé)

James Run-of-the-Millner (James Milner)

Peperedcarde (Pepe)

Phace Jones (Phil Jones)

Oleksandr Zinchenko (Oleksandr Zinchenko)

Studge (Daniel Sturridge)

Frenkie de Jong

Dean Stobbart

Sam Dunscombe

Harry Maguire

Please do not post fictional data. Fictional data includes:

  • Team names not used by 442oons
  • Players and teams that is not animated by 442oons
  • Competitions that is not animated by 442oons.

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