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442oons is a British YouTuber team that produces football animations. Starting with Dean Stobart's personal animation in 2013, as of September 2018, a total of five people will collaborate.

Its unique character modeling, dubbing skills and parody skills make it the most popular personal soccer animator in the world, and is also ranked #1 on YouTube in the relevant section.

At the invitation of LG recently, along with Steven Gerrard and Adam Lallana, they participated in their TV promotion program called'Nano Cell Football Challenge'.

In addition, this person's video is uploaded on the official YouTube of Bundesliga whether it has joined hands with the Bundesliga. Use

Korean players sometimes also appear, but if it is a video dealing with Tottenham, Son Heung-min comes out almost unconditionally [5], and sometimes Ji-sung Park.

Also, during the 2018 World Cup of Russia, when the Korean national team provoked the miracle of Kazan defeating Germany, the defeated German team changed the national lyrics of the country altogether[6], and then group diving into a grave that had been dug up in the midst of mourning. ..)[7][8][9] He also uploaded a creepy parody. Video 1 Video 2 [10] Here, Jo Hyun-woo, Kim Young-kwon, and Son Heung-min, as well as Joo Se-jong, who captured Noyer's ball, appeared.[11]

The drip power of the viewers is also considerable. There are many drips that praise Zlatan (?) in various ways in the video where Zlatan appears, in the second video of Jisung Park above, that Ramos sent his wife to John Terry (...).[12]

There is Celebri2oons as a sub-channel, and as the name of the channel uploads several parody videos for world celebrities. However, the upload cycle is about to rise when this channel is forgotten, but it seems to be mainly in the soccer non-season [13].

As it is the world's largest football parody channel, there are Korean subtitles, but some of the videos from 2016 and 2017 have subtitles, but if you watch the latest video (the sequel to Coutinho Desassito, Mr. Grizman, etc.), Korean subtitles are registered [ 14], it has not been approved, and it wasn't until the fall of 2019 that Korean subtitles were released to see if it was approved from Van Dyke VS Messi VS Ronaldo, and Spurs VS Munich tragedy also supported Korean titles, but this is only a parody video, Videos such as Every Premier League Manager Reacts, the concept of a director's virtual interview, are still not available in Korean.

Recently, we have been sending a video about the replacement of Ronaldo from the satirical image to the age notice that young children are inadequate to see. However, non-child themes may change from Liverpool and Everton videos.

Since 2020, the Sidemen called The Frontmen has been producing a comprehensive entertainment content parody. Corona 19 seems to be because there is no material for soccer.

As a side note, the first character to appear in the first video of 442oons is Joey Barton. Prior to that, Arsene Wenger [17] appeared walking, but Joey Barton is actually correct because his face did not appear. And the first protagonist is Luis Suarez.

A collection of soccer players' challenges. Most of them are one-to-one, but sometimes they are tied to each other or are three waves. They use a variety of impediments to prevent their opponents from succeeding, but most do not cut their scores.
2.2. Ballon d'Or RAP BATTLE[edit]
A rap battle between Ballon d'Or candidates. Although it is always said that the winner will be selected by the rap battle, the winner is not related to the rap ability because it is 442oons based on reality. There are three finalists, but 28 people participated in 2017, and in 2018, it was marked as a discovery (...) for winner Luka Modric.
Halloween feature. Mix Street Fighter with Plants vs Zombies. Literally, soccer players face zombies, and there are many unusual ways. The health bar is also not constant. Barcelona lost their health bar when the Messi fled (...), and Real Madrid won because one Ronaldo accounted for 90% of his health, even though the two remaining men fell (...).