The 2019/20 Bundesliga is the 57th season of the Bundesliga, Germany’s highest division of football.


Team League Position
FC Buying Monstermunchen 1st (C,UCL)
Dorussia Dortmund 2nd (UCL)
Red Balls Leipzig 3rd (UCL)
Monchenbadattheback 4th (UCL)
Kai-er Leverkusen 5th (UEL)
The Hoff 6th (UEL)
Wolvesburger 7th (UEL)
AsteriSC Freiburg 8th
Frankfart 9th
Hertha Locker 10th
Union Knights 11th
Talcke 04 12th
Beanz Mainz Heinz 13th
Billy Goats Gruff 14th
FC Augsburg 15th
River Island Bundesliga 2 play off winner
Düsseldwarf Bundesliga 2
SC Paderporned Bundesliga 2
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