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Notaxmar: Put your flags up in the sky!

Will.I.An: In the sky!

David Louise: And try not to dive

Will.I.An: Not to dive

David Louise: Show the world where you're from

Will.I.An: Show the world where you're from

Notaxmar: Show the world we are one

Arjen Robin: When the going gets tough
The Dutch get arguing

Vinjury Kompany: One love

The Special Juan: One life

Yaya Tankoure: One love

Chewy Suarez: One bite

Cristiano Euronaldo: The world loves me
Messi...who's he?
Throw your top in the air and squeal!

Mesut Eyezil Terrestrial: It's your world

The Special Juan: My world?

Mesut Eyezil Terrestrial: Your world I say
I'm not from earth but can I play?

Samuel Eto'OAP: Too old

The Special Juan: Too old?

Samuel Eto'OAP: That's what he said

The Special Juan: Well you should say
F*ck you Jose!

David Louise: Your hair is nice

Will.I.An: Your hair is nice!

Will.I.An and David Louise: Our hair is oh so nice

Cristiano Euronaldo: It's ok but not as nice as me

Everyone: Put your flags up in the sky!

Cristiano Euronaldo: TOPLESS!

Everyone: And try not to dive
Show the world where you're from
Show the world we are one

Chewy Suarez: I might have a rule rewrite the goalies and me can touch the ball all night!

Stevie Wellard: I won't back pass to the French, slip on my arse
But I'd love to see you cry

Chewy Suarez: Hey! Hey!

Not So Super Mario Balotelli: Forza! Forza! Why's it always me

Patrice Whatevra: Allez! Allez! We're screwed no Ribery

Yaya Tankoure: Ay! Ay! Ay! Where's my cake?

Stevie Wellard: Ay! Ay! Ay! NO MISTAKES!

Everyone: Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Cristiano Euronaldo: Forget those rejects
Look at me

Chewy Suarez: Ah! He's such a dick!
[Everyone talking at once]


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